Mostly Functional @ Turing

big data pervasively distributed systems and the rise of multicore are only three of the reasons you need to look into functional programming now

Mostly Functional is a one day software conference

that is mostly functional, mostly commercial and mostly interested in where functional programming techniques are going and emerging in new contexts

... for the regular programmer

who wants to be more productive, to build more reliable systems, to reduce complexity by elegance, to test more and test more effectively

... and the technical architect and technical manager

who sees that the world is moving towards massive test suites, code being pushed straight from dev to live and faster delivery cycles, but who needs to understand how functional techniques can help on that journey

Keynote On OTP - Richard Carlsson

will be talking about Functional Programming and the design of Erlang and the OTP framework from a commercial perspective..

Richard is the co-author of Erlang And OTP In Action - he works at Klarna the only non-US company the legendary Valley VC firm Sequoia has ever invested in.

Daniel Macklin - Big Commercial Erlang

bet365 (our sponsors!) are the biggest internet company to come of out the UK, handling £20bn in bets a year, and rising. They are currently switching from Java to Erlang/OTP for their core infrastructure - Daniel, their head of R&D, explains why they made the change.

Robert Rees - From Java Without Semicolons To Where?

The Guardian are on an arduous journey from being a UK newspaper to a global news organisation. Part of that journey has been a shift from Java to all Scala on the JVM. Robert Rees, their development manager, will give an experience report and his thoughts on where they go next with FP.

Duncan Coutts - Haskell As A Competitive Advantage

Contrary to popular stereotypes, Haskell has an ever expanding commercial presence, which Duncan Coutts of Well-Typed will outline. Duncan is a leading contributor to Haskell, helping develop the Haskell Platform and maintaining Cabal, the Haskell package manager and working on the Glorious Glasgow Haskell Compiler.

Jan Machacek - Akka And Scala

Jan is the editor of the Open Source Journal, a polygot programmer and a very active open-source contributor in a range of technologies. He will be talking about using Akka and Scala to provide actor-based concurrency on the JVM - part of the creeping colonisation of the world by functional thinking.

José Valim and Eric Merritt - Elixir and Joxa

A special sesssion on new languages on the Erlang VM (over Skype). José will be talking about Elixir a ruby-like, meta-programming aware functional language that compiles to beam codes and runs alongside Erlang/OTP.

Joxa is Eric's new language, with a hint of Clojure, Common Lisp and OTP and a style of its own. Eric is the co-author of Erlang And OTP In Action.

Gordon Guthrie - Building A Robot Army Of Raspberry Pis

Beginners should start by building distributed, collaborative software clusters on their Raspberry Pis - unfortunately Erlang/OTP's all or nothing trust model is too dangerous for this. Erlang/WTD makes clusters safe, letting the teenager and the hobbyist start with state of the art.

Jeremy Singer - Other Languages On The JVM

Jeremy Singer of Glasgow University will be talking about his comparitive study of Java, Clojure, JRuby, Jython and Scala on the JVM - they talk the talk but do they walk the walk? An essential session for anyone planning to knit their ain language - and that means most of you...

Geoff Ballinger - Scala From The Trenches

A lightening report from the trenches by Geoff Ballinger of Mobile Acuity - a Java guy implements sharding and load balancing usings Twitter's Finangle in Scala.


9:45FP, Erlang And OPT From A Commercial Perspective - Richard Carlsson
11:45either Scala At The Guardian - Robert Rees
or Commercial Haskell - Duncan Coutts
1:30either Other Languages On The JVM - Jeremy Singer
or From Java To Erlang At bet365 - Dan Macklin
2:45either Erlang WTD - Gordon Guthrie
or Akka And Scala - Jan Machacek
4:00Quick Talks
Scala From The Trenches - Geoff Ballinger
Joxa on the Erlang VM - Eric Merritt
Elixir - José Valim
5:00Reception @ Scottish Tech Jobs
6:00Turing Launch Party

The Reception and Party are both at Creative Scotland Offices:

2-4 Waverly Gate

Waterloo Place

EH1 3EG (map)

...and let the Whisky Olympics begin...


You're lucky, Turing takes places during the famous Edinburgh Festival - the town is alive and jumping. There is no accomodation to be had - everyone is partying. Thanks to our give a geek a bed scheme we can find you somewhere to stay -

Edinburgh Gets Ready!

As part of the civic welcome and build up to Mostly Functional, the Edinburgh Festival has started its warm up operations. You really need to organise your trip now...

The Venue!

For those of you unfamiliar with the famous Surgeon's Hall, one of the oldest and most prestigious medical establishments in the world, here's a sneak preview...

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22nd August 2013
9:30 - 5pm
plus evening social

Surgeon's Hall


with thanks to our sponsors bet365

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